Inventory Funding For
e-Commerce Retailers

We fund your inventory for a year or more, you return the funds only when the products are sold

Free Up The Capital Tied Up In Your Inventory

Forever 8 buys your current inventory and funds 100% of any new inventory requirements from $10,000 - $2M for at least a year. When your inventory runs low, Forever 8 will pay your supplier's invoices on your behalf. We take no equity or personal guarantee. Use the capital to grow your business as you see fit

Invest in advertising

Launch a new SKU

Expand your team

Pay off debt

How It Works

  1. Complete application
  2. Receive a Term Sheet and sign Agreement
  3. We buy your inventory from you and place re-orders with your suppliers as needed
  4. We collect our cost, plus a fee, as the product sells
  5. Our funding has no impact on your order fulfillment process
No fixed repayment plan
No equity dilution
12+ months of funding
No personal guarantee

Why Partner With Us?

Quick Decision

Apply online in minutes.
Get a decision in 48 hours

Long Term Partner

We partner with you for at least a year.
No re-approvals required, you need more inventory, we buy it

No Risk

No equity dilution
No personal guarantee
No fixed repayment schedule

Who We Work With

Performance Data At Your Fingertips

Forever 8's seller dashboard provides an easy to use interface
to track business performance

Your Performance Data at your Fingertips

Refer Friends

We offer a finders fee on all successful referrals

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e-commerce seller?

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