Inventory Funding For
e-Commerce Retailers

We fund your inventory for a year or more, you return the funds only when the products are sold

Free Up The Capital Tied Up In Your Inventory

Forever 8 buys your current inventory and funds 100% of any new inventory requirements from $10,000 - $2M for at least a year. When your inventory runs low, Forever 8 will pay your supplier's invoices on your behalf. We take no equity or personal guarantee. Use the capital to grow your business as you see fit

Invest in advertising

Launch a new SKU

Expand your team

Pay off debt

How It Works

  1. Complete application
  2. Receive a Term Sheet and sign Agreement
  3. We buy your inventory from you and place re-orders with your suppliers as needed
  4. We collect our cost, plus a fee, as the product sells
  5. Our funding has no impact on your order fulfillment process
No fixed repayment plan
No equity dilution
12+ months of funding
No personal guarantee

Why Partner With Us?

Quick Decision

Apply online in minutes.
Get a decision in 48 hours

Long Term Partner

We partner with you for at least a year.
No re-approvals required, you need more inventory, we buy it

No Risk

No equity dilution
No personal guarantee
No fixed repayment schedule


Testimonial Image

"We needed Forever 8 to free cash resources and allocate money towards business development. We are very happy with the progress and are happy with Forever 8 not only as a financial partner, but also as a strategic partner in our global expansion plans for the brand."

-Malte Niebelschuetz- Founder

Testimonial Image

"The whole experience working with F8 so far has been a dream. The team have been super responsive and reactive to our needs, and have provided lots of support and guidance on our wider business goals.    

We have a partner who puts their money where their mouth is, and will help support our ambitious growth plans."

Will Driscoll- Founder

Performance Data At Your Fingertips

Forever 8's seller dashboard provides an easy to use interface
to track business performance

Your Performance Data at your Fingertips

Refer Friends

We offer a finders fee on all successful referrals

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