Our Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Need to Qualify?

Minimum eligibility criteria include:

•$10,000+ in average monthly revenue, per SKU

•At least 3 months of consistent revenue history

•The business must be incorporated (ie. corporations or limited liability companies).

We currently only provide financing for eCommerce and DTC (direct-to-consumer) companies. If your business is not within these categories, we do not currently have a program in place to support you but check back soon as we expand.

Is Partnering With Forever 8 a Good Fit For My Business

•You're a product-based e-commerce and direct-to-consumer company

•You're cash flow positive •You turn your inventory in 120 days or less (recomended)

•You need inventory financing support for one of more SKU's that have $10,000+ in average monthly revenues

Will Forever 8 Pay Me For My Current Inventory?

Yes! Immediately on signing, we will buy any sellable inventory that you have on hand, or in fulfillment centers.

Will Applying Affect My Credit?

We determine eligibility by analyzing your actual business metrics, so applying for an advance with Forever 8 Fund should NOT affect your credit score.

What Information Do You Need to Verify My Business?

In order to provide you with an offer, we need to verify identities and analyze business data. The first step is to connect the accounts you use to run your business - we use this information to analyze your business data. To verify identity, we need information about your business. The information we require will be specified in your offer.

How Much Are the Fees typically?

Our fees are typically 2%-5% of the product's retail price.

How Does Repayment and Fees Work?

We bill as the inventory is sold on a bi-monthly basis.

How Long do Funds Take to Arrive?

Once your contract has been countersigned, we can make payments on your inventory needs within 1-2 business days. Some large amounts may take an additional day.

How Large of a Check Will Forever 8 Write?

Forever 8 Fund targets an average investment of $200,000. However, we have the ability to finance orders worth upwards of $5 million. We can also increase funding as your business grows.

I Know a Great Business for Forever 8, How Can I Refer Them?

Forever 8 has a referral program in place through which we will compensate you for every lead that you bring us that we strike a deal with.

Still Have Questions?

If you can't find the answer to your question here, you can always contact us

Pay Back as You Sell

Forever 8 recoups  our investment (plus a small fee) as you sell. Take longer to sell than anticipated? No problem, we will work with you to ensure that we are both in alignment. Sell faster than anticipated? Great, our fees will be lower and we can order you more inventory to keep pace with your demand.

Long Term Capital

We are a partner. We aren’t here to offer quick bridge loans. Instead, we work together for at least a year, funding 100% of your inventory needs.

Reduce Your Exposure

Forever 8 does not require a personal guarantee. We act as a partner, and we take product risk. Our interests are mutually aligned