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Employee Introduction 2

This week, we wanted to introduce a new member of the F8 team: Constantine Sekas!

Casey Carroll
3 Oct

This week, we wanted to introduce a new member of the F8 team! Constantine Sekas is our Operations Analyst working in accounting. He has been doing an amazing job with all things F8.


After advising clients in accounting and financing in the consulting world, Constantine turned his attention to F8. He liked the idea that F8 provides support for its customers to grow their business rather than just simply fund them. He believes we are unique in the sense that as a funding company, we have the ability to scale with our customers and grow together with them. The goal of the company isn’t simply to increase our funding volume for a wide scope of customers but to implement growth for ourselves and every brand that we fund. F8 aspires to be a fund that grows together with its customers. 


By joining the F8 team, Constantine is hoping to support F8 and their partners in every operational process possible. For every situation that the company comes across, he wants to help move the company forward. 


He also wanted to leave you all with some business advice: “Always collaborate synergistically. I am a strong believer that communication is the sole catalyst for growing a company. With every step of the way, we should always work together and grow together.”

We hope you all enjoyed meeting Constantine! He is excited to work with you all, and you’ll be excited to work with him. 

Until next time, let us know if you have any questions or comments below!

Casey Carroll
3 Oct

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