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New Year's Resolutions

Today, we wanted to share some realistic New Year’s resolution ideas for your business so that you can make the most of 2021!

Casey Carroll
9 Jan

Happy New Year!

Today, we wanted to share some realistic New Year’s resolution ideas for your business so that you can make the most of 2021!

We will be splitting up the resolution into categories--Easily Attainable, Require Some Work, and Challenging but Worthwhile--to make it easier to decide what type of resolution will be most beneficial to you and your business.

Let’s get started!

Easily Attainable. First, we are going to lay out some easily attainable 2021 resolutions for your business. These resolutions will not be hard to commit to and require little time.

  1. Clean up email/reply to them within 24 hours. This shows customers that you care about their concerns and are dedicated to their consumer experience. Quick response times can also lead to consumer loyalty.

  1. Devote time to reflect on your business and your self. Regularly taking an hour or so to reflect on past decisions and actions can help you get a sense of where you are and how you should proceed.

  1. Secure your business’ information. Updating, backing up, and properly securing your business’ important information is essential for keeping your business up and running smoothly. Be sure to keep this up throughout the year!

  1. Improve Your Customer Service. Customer service is expected to become more significant than price or product when customers decide who gets their business, so find ways to connect with your customers to ensure a quality experience.

  1. Focus on you. Taking care of yourself is crucial to the success of your business! A good work-life balance will help you give your best to your business, so make sure to never forget about your health.

Require Some Work. Next, we wanted to go over resolutions that will require some hard work and focus. These will take more time than the Easily Attainable resolutions but are still realistic and important for businesses.

  1. Strengthen your social media presence. Social media platforms continue to become more engrained in everyday life. Creating a strong social media presence will help your business connect with customers, increase brand awareness, and improve your sales.
  1. No out of stocks in 2021. Making sure your products are continuously stocked throughout the year will mean orders can be filled quickly and can service more customers, resulting in higher profit. If you are in need of funding, check out our Forever 8 Fund homepage for more. Of course, inventory funding is often a major cause of inventory shortages- so keep Forever 8 in mind!
  1. Improve ad conversions by at least 5%. Creating advertisements that result in higher consumer interaction can lead to more brand acknowledgement and sales.
  1. Attend networking events. Even though most events are still taking place online, joining these events and talking to people about your products can help you find new opportunities, clients, collaborators, vendors, service providers, etc.
  2. Start a blog. Writing blog posts is one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to add new content to your site. Adding blogs to your site is essential for SEO purposes.

Challenging but Worthwhile. Finally, we wanted to go over resolutions that will be challenging but have a big upside. These resolutions will take more time but, if successful, can lead to great things!

  1. Build a strong brand. Having a strong brand will lead to customer recognition, enhanced credibility, and customer loyalty. This can be done through social media engagement and advertisements.
  1. Expand your network. Making an effort to expand your network once a week or monthly can open the doors to many opportunities. This takes work because you must keep up with your network in order to maintain meaningful connections.
  1. Improve your cash flow. Managing your business’ cash flow will allow you to have money on hand to pay your expenses and expand your business.
  1. Launch a current product overseas. Launching one of your products abroad will expand your target market and can lead to more sales.
  1. Launch a new product. Creating a new product for your business will offer consumers more options and can generate more revenue. This also can lead to your business getting more attention.

We hope we were able to help you pick the best New Year’s resolutions for you and your business. Now it’s up to you to make sure you stick with them to guarantee business success in 2021!

Until next time, let us know if you have any questions or comments below!

Casey Carroll
9 Jan

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